Octopus head and massage device, scalp massage with various pulsations, 10 sensors give you a comfortable massage and a wonderful feeling

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Product Description

✅The electric scalp massager provides an unparalleled relaxation experience through a relaxing and soothing scalp massage.

✅No more stress, insomnia, and headaches, and enjoy better sleep while improving blood circulation in the head.

✅This massager is ideal for a wide range of individuals, including office workers, athletes, drivers, the elderly and anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of a relaxing scalp massage.

✅With additional vibration modes, including activity, relaxation, beauty and sleep mode, you can customize the intensity of the massage according to your personal preferences.

✅Using the device is easy thanks to its one-key operation. Simply press the power button for 3 seconds to turn the device on or off. Switching between modes is also easy using the same button

✅For safety and convenience, the device has a default working time of 15 minutes, after which it will turn off automatically.

✅Charging via USB/Type C connection (supplied with the device)