Portable shower pump with shattaf, water pump with a power of 2.5 liters/minute. Powerful rechargeable battery that can operate for a long time.

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Product Description

💥Don't worry about water and showers when going out on land and camping

✅Portable camping shower, rain shower, and bidet.

✅Simply fill a bucket with water, drop the battery-powered water pump into the water, and you will have a shower for all uses.

✅With a rechargeable battery that can operate for a long time, and it can be recharged on any 5 volt USB power outlet.

✅With a collapsible water bucket attached to it, which means you do not need to carry any additives with you, all you have to do is water.

✅With a small bag that is easy to carry and store

✅ Water flow with a force of 2.5 liters per minute

✅Two hangers to facilitate hanging the shower and using water simply to wash dishes or perform ablution

✅Beach day made easy: Use the portable shower with you on beach days to wash off the sand.