Home electric steamed food processor to prepare a lot of steamed food in addition to eggs and yellow corn

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Product Description

Product Description:

Fast heating, delicious without waiting for high power 550 watts Fast heating, higher food heating efficiency.

The integrated heating plate design allows steam to circulate without dead ends, closes the feeding of ingredients, and improves cooking efficiency. Gently rotate, instantly delicious.

The working time of the mini steamer can be adjusted according to different ingredients, which can be freely chosen within 30 minutes, without checking it all the time, no delay in chasing drama and cooking. After the mini steamer completes its work, with a beep sound, open the lid of the steamer and enjoy the food.

Transparent cover:

The steamer cover is made of food grade material, heat and corrosion resistant, safe, and odorless. The visible top cover design can control the cooking status of food without opening the top cover during use. Easier to clean:

The heating plate adopts food-grade contactless non-stick coating, making it easy to clean fine stains, residues, and oil. Gently wipe, you can get a new look.

Power failure protection:

Benlo multi-function steamer adopts induction type dry anti-scalding design. In case of water shortage and excessive temperature, it will automatically stop heating, effectively avoiding the safety risks caused by dry burning, and making it more convenient to use. small size

The simple design of the Pinto multi-function steamer only takes up the size of a stationery box. Easy to use and can be stored anywhere in a small corner.

Compact and fresh, the style in light colors can easily fit into a variety of stylish spaces.


Product color: white

Rated voltage: 220V~50Hz

Rated power: 550 watts