Joy styler 2 in 1 brush that combines a hair dryer and straightening ceramic for a stunning and radiant hair appearance, with ion technology to maintain hair moisture.

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Product Description

Do you want a hairstyle at home that will always make you special?

With the 2-in-1 hair dryer with a new design combined with a hair straightener designed in the shape of a brush,

It works differently, as it contains side combs that get rid of negative ions and remove excess moisture and frizz.

Detangles and smoothly directs hair in the direction you are styling, giving you the desired result you want.

The hair dryer and hair styler adopts three different drying and styling processes.

✔️High: Hot brush and high-speed dryer to dry hair.

✔️ LOW: Low speed dryer for hair styling.

✔️ Cool: Cool air to enhance hairstyle.

🔵 Product features

Get an elegant look easily and quickly✨.

For daily use ✨

To soften, dry, straighten and style hair✨

Remove negative ions from your hair ✨

✅With ion technology, which maintains hair moisture to keep it healthy and free of split ends