Band 8 smart watch from G-Tab with an elegant and cute design 2023 - measuring the number of steps, the number of hours of sleep, and burning calories

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Color: White

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Product Description

✅ High quality 1.47 inch IPS LCD screen

✅ Remote control of mobile phone (photograph - music - volume level - call notification)

✅ Measure the number of steps, hours of sleep, calories, and many important sports activities

✅ The feature of finding the mobile phone from the watch by issuing an alert

✅ The feature of finding the watch from the mobile phone by issuing an alert

✅ Battery lasts 24-48 hours depending on use

✅ Standby mode from 3-7 days

✅ It supports many languages, including Arabic, English, etc

✅ Screen brightness control

✅ Raise hand to turn on the screen

✅ The name of the application is GT fit pro

✅ Available in five colors // pink - white - mauve - light green - black //