A fine 925 silver jewelry set studded with colored stones, consisting of 3 pieces, a ring, a necklace, and earrings - JE010

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Product Description

✅Smooth silver set

✔️A wonderful and simple silver set that can be relied upon during daily use, adding a touch of distinctive natural beauty to your appearance.

✅An attractive and beautiful silver set set

✔️The set consists of three pieces of 925 silver : the earring, the necklace, and the ring.

✔️Each piece has an identical design to the other, so that the set is complete and harmonious and complements the beauty of your look.

✔️The earring has the same distinctive design that is suitable for daily use.

✔️If we look at the ring, we will see the same delicate design that is suitable for many refined tastes.

✅Features of the collection made of pure 925 silver.

✔️The set is designed to support daily use and is also suitable for evening parties and parties.

✔️Made of pure 925 silver metal to ensure the durability necessary to withstand daily use for long periods.

✔️The design relies on a colored rhinestone in the middle, giving it a special kind of beauty.

✔️It comes in a beautiful and attractive box to be presented as a wonderful gift suitable for those you love.