The latest eyelash curler with a display to adjust the most suitable temperature and USB rechargeable for natural and long-lasting curls,

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Product Description
Hot eyelash curler
Everyone looks better with thicker, fuller eyelashes. A good mascara goes a long way in making your eyelashes look luscious. But you'll need the best eyelash curlers in your beauty kit
Hot eyelash curlers are the most effective way to curl your eyelashes, resulting in a bright eye look.
A good, heated eyelash curler works like a curling iron: by holding your lashes in place and radiating (a safe amount of) heat to help give your lashes some much-needed oomph and curl. When you lift and curl your eyelashes, your eyes appear wider, and you look more rested and rejuvenated. You can trust this USB rechargeable heated eyelash curler to achieve the fluffiest, thickest and most attractive eyelashes.
Heat up in just 1 minute, you can upgrade your eyelashes in no time at all with this heated eyelash curler. You can even choose from three temperature levels, ranging from 70°C to 90°C
Of course, there is a heat protection groove that increases the distance between the heating wire and your eyelid for maximum safety.
The curved brush head is designed to fit the natural shape of your eyelashes.
Being equipped with USB charging capability, it is undoubtedly the best heated eyelash curler on the market. Use it alone or with mascara for magical effects.
Super Heated Eyelash Curler Kit: Comes with a mini mini eyelash curler and an eyelash brush, which is the best heated eyelash curler for women. Apply mascara to the brush.
3 TEMPERATURE MODES - This eyelash curler provides 3 adjustable temperatures from 70°C to 90°C, allowing you to set different temperature levels according to your eyelashes.
Fast Heating & Natural Curling: Our electric eyelash curler uses MCH ceramic heating technology with uniform thermal performance. It can make you have charming and natural eyelashes effectively.
Easy to use: just apply mascara. Then preheat the electric eyelash curler and curl it from the root.