Full leg electric air pressure massager, with hot air pumping for the foot, leg and thigh, portable controller with 6 massage programs, for muscle relaxation, pain relief

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Product Description
1. Soothing leg and foot compress: The air pressure massager simulates human massage by air pressure, compresses muscles through contraction of air bags, can also massage acupuncture points on the soles of the feet, improve the body's blood circulation and relieve pain, deep massage and relax the entire leg and foot Safe to use to relieve pain at home, and promote blood circulation in the body.
2. Six massage modes and two stages of temperature infusion: Our compressor leg massager designed with all-directional air bags pressing and massage well, easy to operate by remote control with 6 massage modes and 3 intensities (weak/medium/strong), 2 degree levels Adjustable heat (low/high). Massage from feet to thighs in a continuous cycle to make our muscles feel massaged like kneading by hand, and replenish blood circulation.
3. HELPS TO LOSE WEIGHT: This compressed air leg massager helps break down fat cells in those problem areas like leg, thigh,
4. ADJUSTABLE FIT FOR ALL PEOPLE: This full leg rotation massager involves an adjustable feature to make sure that anyone no matter the size of your legs will fit easily with this product. The handheld controller makes it easy to operate the set without any hassle.
5. Suitable for all people: The leg massager is suitable for people who have high work intensity, who stand or sit for a long time or who often have to wear high-heeled shoes, relax the muscles of people who often go to the gym or travel.