3-Speed ​​Portable Cordless Rechargeable Air Blower A useful and effective cleaner

199.00 SAR
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Product Description
Cordless Air Duster Electric Air Duster Keyboard Cleaning Tool Rechargeable Duster Hand Cleaner Used to clean dust in keyboards, circuit boards, car air vents, carpets, etc.
Advantages :
High-pressure air blows instantaneously and continuously to clean dust and dirt residue away from any electronic device in your home or office.
2 attached nozzles make it a versatile device that is easy to maneuver. It can be used for any of your expensive electronic devices such as keyboard, laptop, copier, camera, etc.
The built-in large rechargeable lithium battery allows the electric duster to work continuously for about 30 minutes.
The lightweight, cordless design allows you to maneuver with ease.
USB cable charging, no need to worry about its battery.
Material: PC Pressure: max. 6 kPa
Inflation rate: 200 l/min
Power: 22w
Battery: 11V and 2000mAh
packing list:
1 * Air Duster
2 * nozzles
1 * USB cable