Aged musky sandalous rosary in a beautiful olive color, a soft bead woven with durable propylene thread and a crochet made of a mixture of antimony and metal.

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Product Description

✅Musky sandalous rosary in a beautiful and distinctive olive color to give you a more powerful look

✅Strong raw Turkish misbah with nice texture.

✅ Carefully made of durable propylene thread that gives you wonderful flow while moving the grains.

✅The karkosha is made with Turkish craftsmanship from a mixture of antimony and metal for those with distinction and good taste.

A special daily carrying rosary for purchase and gifting.

Number of pills: 33 pills

Pill size: small

✅Note: The misbah has no smell and is called musk as a common type of material, and the smell of musk is not intended.

✅The shape of the karkosha may differ slightly from the one in the main picture