Borrego T1 Mini Projector

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Product Description

✅The Borrego T1 LCD mini projector is equipped with LED lights and a resolution of 320 * 180 pixels, allowing you to watch comfortably. With greatly improved image uniformity.

✅There is also a useful feature that allows you to protect players' eyes based on the principle of the diffuse reflection image of LEDs.

✅Adopting professional optical lens, the four corners of images appear clearly, solving the problem of traditional default focusing.

✅LED diffuse reflection imaging principle, reduces eye irritation and protects your eyes.

✅Adjust the shooting distance to adjust the display size, from 14 inches to 100 inches.

✅Innovative design, perfect combination of fashion and art, adopts ABS plastic material, wear-resistant and can provide long service time.

🔺Basic features and characteristics🔺

⏺ Lens: LED

⏺Basic resolution: 320 x 180

⏺ Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080

⏺Contrast: 3000:1

⏺Image size: from 14 inches to 100 inches

⏺Projection distance: from 0.6 meters to 4 metres

⏺Speaker: 4 ohms 2 watts 4Ω2W

⏺ Product weight: only 200 g, which allows you to use it mobile with ease

⏺Available dimensions: 4:3 / 16:9

⏺Brightness: 12-18 ANSI

⏺Memory card powered

⏺Controller accessory

🔴Internal battery: none

🔴Bluetooth: none

🔴Wi-Fi: None