7-in-1 electronic cleaning kit for earphones, keyboard, laptop, phone and computer screen

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Product Description

✅7 in 1 portable electronics cleaning kit

✔️Cleaning tool for phone, laptop and earphones,

✔️Screen cleaning solution spray,

✔️Fiber sponge for cleaning screens,

✔️High density brush,

✔️3-in-1 cleaning pen to meet different cleaning needs, especially earphones.

✔️Suitable for daily cleaning of various electronic products.

✔️Keycap release buckle,

✅A complete set that meets the basic needs of cleaning your personal devices, phone, tablets, Bluetooth headsets and laptop accessories.

✅Foldable cleaning pen for Bluetooth headphones

The specially designed sponge can clean the dust in the wireless charging box of the earphones

Dirt hidden in those deep places you can't reach.

The high-density brush can easily clean dirt in the speakers, small spaces and other parts of the earphones.

The silicone tip is suitable for cleaning stubborn stains in the gap, and will not cause scratches on the surface of AirPods.

✅Cleaning the computer and keyboard

The large, high-density soft brush is for cleaning dust from your laptop and keyboard.

For mechanical gaming keyboards, you can use the key puller to pull out the mechanical keys, and then use the soft brush to clean the dust and dirt deep in the gaps of the keyboard.

✅Cleaning the phone screen and computer screen

Spray the cleaning solution on the screen, then use the included sponge to clean the screen. The special cleaning solution will give you a new visual experience.

It is easy to remove oil and fingerprints from the screen of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TV, watches, cameras, etc.