Magnetic Stick Magnetic Cube Set 46 Pieces

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Product Description

✅Cubes are considered wonderful toys characterized by a modern and wonderful design that enhances the child’s happiness and also mental activity.

One of the most distinctive things about magnetic cubes is that they are multi-colored, which gives children fun and excitement while playing.

It is characterized by being composed of a large number of magnetic pieces, as it comes in 46 pieces for more entertainment.

It is considered one of the distinctive products as it works well in developing children’s skills, in terms of creativity.

It is considered one of the distinguished products in cooperation between children.

Magnet cubes allow children to understand some scientific concepts such as gravity and magnetic attraction.

Children can experiment with different arrangements and combinations using magnet cubes. They can discover what works and what doesn't and try new ideas.

It is characterized by wonderful shapes that catch children’s eyes, which makes it an ideal choice.

Number of pieces: 46 pieces.