An interactive electronic educational book for children in Arabic and English that interacts with the child via sound

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Product Description

❇️An educational, entertaining and audio book that helps your child learn and is suitable for children aged 3 years and above.

❇️Interacting with the book contributes to developing your child’s mentality.

❇️Easy to use and stimulates children's main senses: speech, touch, and hearing.

❇️The book is clear, uncomplicated, colorful, and attractive for children to use simply and enjoyably.

❇️The book contains a lot of information:

❇️ Letters and words in the Arabic language.

❇️ Identify names and colors

❇️Teaching numbers, addition and subtraction

❇️Recognizing the names of animals

❇️Learn the names of fruits and vegetables in English and Arabic

❇️Learn to read the clock.

❇️Interactive game to enhance the child’s IQ.

❇️ A book in which a person’s voice interacts with children to encourage prayer.

❇️The book contains many supplications.

❇️ Child education. Ayat Al-Kursi - Al-Kafirun - People.

To operate, you need 3 AA batteries./ Not included/