Educational story reader AE-06 for children aged 0-7 years

99.00 SAR

the color: blue

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Product Description

✅The device is considered an educational multimedia reader robot

✅It contains many educational songs for children, stories of Juha, stories of all the prophets, and educational stories through wisdom and wisdom.

It also contains educational clips of the Holy Qur’an and a large collection of soothing music that helps the child sleep

The most important advantage is that you can download whatever educational audio files you want, songs, or whatever you need by connecting the device to the computer and placing the audio files you need on its memory card, as it contains an 8 GB memory card dedicated to downloading whatever audio files you want or By disassembling the device, pulling out the memory card and filling it or changing it to a larger size as needed, as the card is located inside the robot so that the child does not remove it or swallow it.

The device’s light turns on and off by touching the right ear, and the sound turns on and off by touching the left ear

✅The device is very wonderful and new. It is important for every family and is carefully made so that it does not contain any sharp edges or harmful materials for the child.