Camelicious Skimmed Camel Milk Powder, 12 sachets

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Product Description

Watch the following video to learn the benefits of camel milk and watch the company’s products in a special episode by Al-Shugairi:

Watch Dr. Mwafaq Tayeb’s advice about consuming camel milk and its benefits in the following video:

Product Description

Camelicious Camel Milk Powder adds delicious flavor to your breakfast cereals thanks to the taste of camel milk. This milk is powdered and comes in high-quality packaging to keep the product clean and fresh. Bedouins used it in their traditional and healthy diet until the mid-20th century. It provides all the proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates needed to face the harsh desert life. The Bedouins also used camel fat and milk as protection from the sun.

From the manufacturer

Skimmed camel milk powder*

Camel milk contains a low percentage of fat. The fat content of camel milk is approximately 50% lower than cow's milk. Camel milk contains unsaturated fatty acids. The percentage of so-called healthy fats is higher than in cow's milk. Healthy fats help reduce cholesterol to aid in healthy cardiovascular functioning. Camel milk is rich in natural vitamin C, and the content of this immune-boosting vitamin is 3-5 times higher than cow's milk. Two liters of camel milk roughly represents the recommended daily requirement of vitamin C.

Camel milk contains more calcium than other types of milk. Eating this natural mineral is important for children's growth and helps prevent osteoporosis. Diet-conscious people will have an excellent low-fat alternative. Low-fat camel milk, rich in calcium, is ideal for pregnant women and supports healthy lean development.