Abai Genie 360 ​​Degree Rotating Smartphone Mount Holder

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Product Description


  • What is the idea of ​​the product?
  • Make your blog clips look like Hollywood celebrities!
  • Here is the smart selfie stick from Abai Genie, which provides you with unparalleled features in order to take professional and distinctive selfies and videos, without shaking and with a high focus on people and things. With the smart selfie stick, you do not need to ask for help from another person to take photos.
  • Why will you love him?
  • 360-degree automatic rotation, at a speed of up to 180 angles per second, which means a huge ability to track people and take personal photos with ease.
  • The feature of tracking people and objects: Once you focus on the desired element, whether it is people, animals, or even objects, the selfie stick is distinguished by its ability to track its movements and movements in front of the lens.
  • Smart capture feature: In conjunction with the mobile phone's people tracking and automatic rotation feature, you will be able to capture quick photos and different movements, highlight elements within the image with ease, track them, and take photos and videos professionally.
  • Anti-shake, for shooting professional Hollywood-like video clips.
  • No need to use your hands, place your mobile phone on the selfie stick, mount it on any table, and record unique video clips.
  • How to use it?
  • Install the battery Place your phone on the holder Download the “Apai Genie” application from Google Play or App Store.
  • Press the power key for 2 seconds, until the red light flashes.
  • Open Bluetooth and launch "Apai Genie" app. Until the red light starts shining for a long time.
  • Start photographing while not moving the face or body too quickly.
  • If you want to stop the rotation, briefly press the power button.
  • Learn more:
  • To operate the smart selfie stick and holder, you need 4 AA-sized dry alkaline batteries.
  • Compatible with iPhone with iOS 10 or later, and Android 9.1 or later.
  • The angle works mechanically, with a horizontal rotation of 360 degrees and a vertical rotation of 37 degrees.
  • Operating power: 1.5V.