Cordless Water Dental Flosser, Four Nozzles, and Three Modes for Deep Cleaning

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Product Description

✅ The dental water flosser uses high-pressure water jets to spray the oral cavity, effectively reaching inside the mouth for thorough cleaning.

✅ Compared to a toothbrush, dental floss can clean the gingival sulcus and other areas, removing trapped food particles and bacteria between teeth.

✅ The high-frequency water flow and precise pulse help remove food residues between teeth, blind spots, and hard-to-clean areas in the mouth with ease.

✅ With three cleaning modes, the water flow is very precise during use, ensuring it won't harm your teeth at all, but will make you feel extremely comfortable.

✅ The gentle mode is the least powerful and is very suitable for sensitive teeth and beginners.

✅ Four types of nozzles to meet most people's dental cleaning and oral care needs.

✅ USB charging (included).

✅ Features: Easy to install, easy to use - turns on and off in one second, easy to adjust with a long press to switch between the three modes.

✅ Easy to carry while traveling, safe to use with water pressure functions: 1. Refreshes breath 2. Provides dental flossing 3. Removes plaque and reduces bacteria 4. Improves gum health 5. Cleans braces, bridges, crowns, and implants 6. Reaches all areas of the mouth.

🔴 Warning: This product is specifically for oral use and should not be used for the eyes, ears, or nose.