Portable Massage Gun Cold & Hot Massage Device Deep Tissue Percussion

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High and Low Heat Therapy (Hot and Cold)

Try a dual-action massage therapy as it offers heating and cooling heads that help relax muscles and speed recovery along with a deep tissue massage.

Reducing muscle fatigue and relieving pain

Recondition Pro 2.0 helps relieve muscle pain, soreness, and stiff back, and relax tight muscles. The effect is used to accelerate blood circulation and quickly overcome the lactic acid produced after exercise to reduce muscle recovery.

5 massage heads for a full body massage

The five unique massage heads specialize in targeting different muscle groups. You can customize your massage gun to effectively treat any area of ​​your body.

Fast, quiet and powerful engine

With a high-speed effect from 2800 to 3200 rpm, it provides an intense massage that penetrates deeper into the tissues than common vibration massagers. It quickly overcomes muscle fatigue and provides you with a professional deep massage.

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