Mini Handheld Sewing Machine Portable Hand Stitch Suitable for most types of fabric for home and travel use

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This mini sewing machine is easy to operate, line with the flat edge, automatic moving. Great for both beginner and professionals who can make some DIY arts crafts or a bit of mending easily.

This lightweight cordless sewing machine is easy to carry for travel and household, excellent for quick and easy use on-the-spot repairs and serve the emergency needs of stitching.

The sewing machine has a beautiful appearance. However, a stylish colour is accompanied with high-quality ABS materials that were used in this sewing machine. As a result, it is has a more durable service life.

Suitable for fabric, clothing, silk, jeans , leather, denim, wool, hem pants, drapes, holes rips, toy crafts and etc. You can use it for patches or holes on clothes. Note: The suitable sewing thickness cannot over 1.8mm.

This mini Handheld Sewing Machine is easy to use, has flat sides and can be moved automatically. With the switch, the manual sewing machine can run automatically without manual control.Perfect for tricky positioning that conventional machines can't do.

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