Baby Hair Dryer, Mini Cordless Hair Dryer for Toddlers, Quiet Sound, Suitable Temperature for Baby Hair and Skin, also Better for Thin Adult Hair

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Safe And Gentle Blowing: Hair dryer anywhere! Our cordless hair dryer for babies uses only 7.4v which compared to the 220v power of a regular hairdryer makes it a safer choice for newborns, infants, and toddler. The low heat is gentle on their skin and hair safe so you can comfortably dry your baby. Designed with a built-in safety lock to prevent children from playing with it at home or when traveling. To activate the child lock press and hold both button.

Gentle And Quiet Hair Dryer: The mini dryer for kids uses intelligent heat control to output low heat air to make sure it’s safe for both your child’s hair and skin while making low noise (only 60db) to protect your baby’s hearing while you dry their hair.

Say No To Rashes: Putting a diaper on a wet bottom can easily lead to rashes and cause irritation for your little one. Our baby body dryer blower is designed to help quickly and easily dry your baby’s skin to help prevent rashes while making sure they stay safe and enjoy the warm air.

Cordless And Rechargeable: The battery operated hair blow dryer features a built-in rechargeable battery and a cordless design allowing you to dry their hair and body whether in their crib, out of the bath, or even when changing diapers.

Compact And Portable: Thanks to the lightweight and compact design coupled with the rechargeable battery and Child safety/travel lock, our portable hair dryer for toddlers allows you to easily and safely carry it with you whether traveling or vacationing in your purse, luggage, bag, etc.

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