Foldable mobile phone, FM radio, magic sound, supports two SIM cards

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the color: golden

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Product Description


1- Four colors: gold - black - blue - purple

2- Model: F-15 Mini

3- Screen size: 1.77 inches HD 

4- 63mmX63mmX18.8mm /118.3X63X12mm Phone Size

5- The phone weighs 80 g, including the battery

6- Battery size is 1000 mAh

7- Capacity of 500 numbers + 90 messages

8- 2-megapixel rear camera

9- It supports two Nano SIM cards and a TF memory card

10- The internal memory is RAM (32 MB) and the internal memory is also 32 MB. It supports external memory up to 16 GB (not included with the device). It is preferable to add a memory card before using the device.

11- Micro 2.0 charger port

12- 2G network: GSM850/900/1800/1900

Basic features:

Two SIM cards:

Simultaneous use of two Nano SIM cards and one TF card. Easy to answer phone calls

Foldable phone

It is very small when folded. A fashionable product that can easily fit in your pocket

HD rear camera

High definition rear camera. Convenient recording of beauty's life, whether video or photo


Energy saving, strong brightness. Long press the middle button to quickly turn on the flashlight.

Play video and music clips:

It can play videos and music stored on your phone without having to upload to the network, and is ready to play at any time

Speed ​​dial:

You can set speed dial contacts (number keys 2-9). Simply press and hold the number keys to quickly dial the calling person's phone number, improving call efficiency

FM Radio:

Listen to various music, news, entertainment and interview programs anytime, anywhere.

Black list :

Adding phone numbers to the blacklist can effectively avoid the interference of these calls and text messages.

1.77 inch screen:

Bright and clear screen. High precision, eye care and protection

Magic voice:

The ability to change the voice to that of a man, woman, or child. Make your voice chat more interesting and can also be used in some special occasions

3.5mm headphone jack:

Paired with the exclusive wired headphone jack, charging and music listening are compatible

More practical features:

Calculator, calendar, games, alarm clock, bluetooth, recorder, etc. Practical and convenient.

Languages ​​supported by the device:

English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew

What does the box contain:

Mobile phone including battery